Werner Welgemoed – CAMA CP3P-F

Werner Welgemoed – CAMA CP3P-F


Werner Welgemoed is a director at i @ Consulting, responsible for asset management operations and associated services. He is a Certified Asset Management Assessor and Auditor (CAMA) and has over 22 years’ professional experience. Werner is well known in local government for his expertise in municipal accounting and finance management, including costing and tariff setting, budgeting, revenue optimisation, long term financial planning, financial recovery, asset management and reporting.

He has been extensively involved in a number of financial reforms since the introduction of the MFMA. These included the implementation of GRAP and the budget reforms through National Treasury appointments, and more recently mSCOA.

Werner is particularly passionate about asset management and has supported numerous municipalities in improving asset management practices, implementing GRAP compliant asset registers, and preparing asset management plans to plan service delivery, undertake infrastructure investment and financial planning, and to deliver mSCOA compliant infrastructure budgets. He headed the team that successfully implemented Phase One of a comprehensive Audit Turnaround Plan at the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. The Municipality was able to move away from an Adverse Audit Opinion to a Qualification for the 2013 Financial Year. He also lead the team responsible for the implementation of comprehensive immovable asset management and related built environment reforms at the Buffalo City Metro, which already resulted in the preparation of revalued immovable asset registers that passed the stringent assessment from the Auditor General during the annual audits in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 financial years. Werner furthermore lead the team with the implementation of comprehensive immovable asset management and related built environment reforms at the City of Polokwane which include, amongst others, the preparation of asset management plans for all mayor services and infrastructure portfolios.  These asset management plans were absorbed within the first SANS 55000 compliant SAMP (strategic asset management plan) in South Africa.

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