At i @ Consulting we are serious about pushing the envelope in best practice and in developing capacity in our chosen client markets and fields of focus (infrastructure asset management, urban planning and management, land use management, strategic financial and economic services, property valuation and management services, and geographic information and management systems). Senior members of the company regularly contribute their time to the advancement of best practice through pro-bono work. The company also provides training materials and sponsors a variety of events hosted by professional associations, some of which includes:

Contributions to the ISO 55000 asset management standard

i @ Consulting served on the South African Asset Management Working Group since 2012 and was involved in the finalisation of the draft ISO 55000 asset management standard in Calgary, Canada in March 2013.

Contributions to the International Infrastructure Management Manual

i @ Consulting and Africon Engineering co-wrote the South African section of the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) on behalf of the Institution for Municipal Engineering Southern Africa (IMESA).

This manual is endorsed by the World Bank as representative of international best practice.

We also successfully assisted IMESA in obtaining endorsement for this manual from COGTA, and provided support in the launch of this manual in major metropolitan areas around South Africa.

In 2010 i @ Consulting provided updated case-study data for inclusion in the next update of the IIMM.

Sponsorship to the South African Asset Management Association

In September 2013 the company provided a sponsorship to the South African Asset Management Association for its participation on the 2014 Africa Utilities Week. i @ Consulting supports the professionalisation of asset management and all that SAAMA stands for, and will continue to support this organisation.

Sponsorship to the South African Right of Way Association

i @ Consulting has been a sponsor of the South African Right of Way Association (SARWA) since 2015 to date.  Erina Otto a director at i @ Consulting, has served as a chair person for the Community of Practice (Infrastructure and Properties) for the Association which in done on a sponsorship basis for 4 consecutive years.

Review and updating of the IMFO Policy Manual

In October 2013 i @ Consulting and the Institution of Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO) concluded an agreement in terms of which the company will review an d update the IMFO Policy Manual. The following policies will be included in the 2014 edition:

  • Tariff policy;
  • Rates policy;
  • Credit control and debt collection policy;
  • Cash management and investment policy;
  • Borrowing policy;
  • Funding and reserves policy;
  • Policy relating to long-term financial planning;
  • Supply chain management policy;
  • Asset management policy;
  • Policy on infrastructure investment and capital planning;
  • Indigent policy;
  • Free basic services’ policy;
  • Budget implementation and monitoring policy; and
  • Policy on managing unaccounted for water and electricity.

The 2014 IMFO Policy Manual was launched in February 2014.