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Our practical recommendations make a real difference on the ground for clients


At i @ Consulting, we employ  multi-disciplinary teams to develop solutions focused on addressing your organisation’s asset management challenges, helping you to realise value for your stakeholders.  In the true definition of integrated asset management, our experts fuse accounting, finance, engineering and other disciplines to provide a truly integrated solution to all your asset management and asset accounting needs, for a wide range of asset portfolios.

We pride ourselves on our passion for asset management, our commitment to your success, and to develop and continually improve asset management systems, best practices, our own capabilities and that of our clients.


Our municipal finance management experts remain at the forefront of accounting and municipal reforms and integrates the skills and techniques from multiple disciplines, underpinned by powerful analytical and predictive software capabilities, to assess the future impacts of growth and strategies on land, infrastructure and other amenities, housing, the local economy and the financial wellbeing of municipalities and their stakeholders, and to seek optimum strategies for sustainable human settlements, all under the umbrella of the accounting framework and municipal accountability cycle.


Our spatial planning and land use management team provides a unique, all-round offering unmatched in the market place. We address all aspects of the South African Spatial Planning System, drafting planning norms and standards, compiling spatial development frameworks and land use schemes, and dealing with land development applications and human settlements. Our depth of local government experience, vast datasets (including land, infrastructure networks, housing and socio-economic data) combined with spatial modelling and analysis capabilities, and outstanding professional planning competence (with engineering, economics and financial planning support), positions us as a supplier of choice for municipalities and government departments.


We interact with municipalities on various fronts, including financial, engineering and town planning. We are fully familiar with all notable municipal systems and the value of integrating data from these different systems, and are proficient in doing so. We employ an array of database tools, geographic information system related tools and in-house systems to support information management services.

Information policy and strategy development

  • Strategies to ensure the sustainability of geo-spatial departments within the public sector
  • Policies and procedures directing the nature, flow and use of data throughout the organisation
  • Training for geo-spatial staff members

Data integration and analysis services

  • Datasets and services focused on revenue enhancement
  • Accessibility analysis for the optimal location of community assets, social facilities or offices
  • Demographic profiles to inform BEPP’s, growth and development strategies and master plans
  • The Municipal Development Atlas that contains a set of key variables and maps providing a complete overview on any municipality in the country


CitySolve™ is the leading business process and reporting software for asset managers, town planners, building control officials, property valuers and CFO’s. The system offers an integrated asset management module as well as modules that simplifies land use management processes, building control processes, valuation processes, real estate management, maintenance management and revenue enhancement. These modules seamlessly integrate with each other as well as with core financial and GIS systems.

CitySolve™ leads the way as a single point entry and transaction level management and control system integrating all land, property and asset related business processes, meeting the requirements of mSCOA, SPLUMA, GRAP, SANS 55001 and CIDMS. The system consist of a number of modules, each catering for the needs of a specific municipal business process all seamlessly integrated.


Our valuations services include movable and immovable valuations by a very experienced valuation team. Our Professional Valuers, all with no restrictions, have been involved in GV’s for various metropolitan and local municipalities. With a wide skill-set spanning commercial and specialist sectors, residential and agricultural properties, we have the ability to draw upon our significant network of industry specialists, allowing us to add value for our clients, rather than merely reporting.

Our valuation team provide extensive valuation services to not only municipal clients but also financial institutions, development corporations, insurance firms, lenders, private individuals, funds, property companies and the asset divisions of various private firms.